At Newfields, we are a community of investment bankers, accountants, architects, engineers, marketeers, creative talent, and more. Our shared values and bold ambition has moulded us into both a leading independent corporate finance house and property development company.

Newfields Advisors is a home grown boutique advisory firm that provides solutions and services to a myriad of international and local clients across all industries in mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, restructurings, strategic corporate alliances and other financial related corporate exercises. Headed by our founder, Mr Seow Lun Hoo, our team have structured and executed some of the most prominent deals for international and local clients within the Asian region.
Newfields Land focuses on high quality residential and commercial properties. We believe in building with the project DNA of each project which can grow into its own sustainable community. With our core team, we bring professional expertise in to build innovative ideas to every development.

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We Are Newfields
Newfields opens horizons. Our three core pillars of financial advisory, property development and investments stand upon a foundation of deep knowledge and experience, and grow every day with passion and sincerity in delivering effective solutions to every client.

Vision & Values

Our core values underpin all that we do; they guide us in our work and shape our decisions every day. Our commitment to our clients is interwoven with these values that enable us to deliver the promises we make.

Authentic Expertise

Reinforcing decades of experience in our chosen industries by keeping up-to-date and staying ahead of market trends and shifts.

Optimised Value

Dedicating ourselves to creating opportunities for every client and igniting growth through every project.

Trusted Reliability

Aligning our practices with our client’s priorities in order to deliver the best performance to match their needs.

Practical Innovation

Creating innovative solutions that allow our clients to flourish while remaining true to their roots and market realities.

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